Monday, 17 August 2015

Why Should You Choose Engineered Wood Flooring for Your Home?

A lot pf people nowadays have been showing a great preference to using engineered wood flooring. If you are one of those who are willing to change the wood flooring of the house, then you should go for engineered hardwood flooring. The fact can be comprehended that wood floors do bring an aesthetic appeal to one’s house and make it seem pleasing to one’s eye, but every room may not be deemed suitable for every room in the house.

Engineered wood flooring London
Engineered wood flooring London

This is where the role of an Engineered Wood Flooring London comes into play. It may come as a surprise to you that the features of such fine floors make the installation of these floors possible in bathrooms as well as basements.

Since the Victorian period, hardwood floors have been considered to be known among the top-notch floors that people have largely been emphasizing with the sole intention of giving an elegant touch to their homes. With several advancements made in the technology, the engineered hardwood floors have been given a great importance in comparison with solid hardwood floors.

If you have seen this type of wooden floor in anyone’s house, you may have felt that these floor is from an era that once existed, but the facts say something else. These wooden floors comprises multiple layers that are glued to one another. The engineered wood flooring London is made up of a series of layers of real hardwood that are pressed atop the plywood.

You have been thinking to go for Solid Wood Flooring, it’s time you change your mind and switch to an engineered one. Gone are the days when people had a liking for solid wood floors, but as time passed by, the engineered wood floors have made a great impact on every homeowner’s mind who looks forward to make his home an attractive one.

Hardwood Floors London
Hardwood Floors London

Below are some of the great benefits of an engineered hardwood flooring:

1. A homeowner will not face any problem when it comes to installing engineered hardwood flooring over concrete. It can also be used with underfloor heating, like solid wood.

2. This type of wood seems more stable than the solid one due to the fact that there are different layers of timbers.

3. Engineered wood flooring is considered suitable in those areas where solid wood cannot reach.

4. Choose from the most popular wood grain surfaces, oak and birch. And your furniture and home walls will not be damaged by this wood flooring.

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Monday, 10 August 2015

Exotic Hardwood Floors Make Your Home an Appealing One

Thinking about replacing your floors? There are plenty of options in hardwood flooring to choose from, but nothing can beat the irresistible charm provided by exotic hardwood floors London. This type of wood flooring is known to have benefitted all those people who have held a great fondness for decorating their homes or giving them a new look. It sounds more like a cliché, but everyone seeks a change in life and it can be giving a house a complete makeover right from changing the furniture to painting walls and other things as well. As far as floors are concerned, they have to be appealing enough so that any guest coming over for the first time feels good and heads back home impressed. It will make him or her feel that you truly are concerned about the overall look of your house and exotic wood flooring is something that plays one of the most crucial roles when it comes to adding beauty to one’s home.

Exotic hardwood floors London - envy Hardwoods
Exotic Hardwood Flooring 

Other than being beautiful, this flooring which we know by the name of “exotic hardwood floors” is versatile and can be found in a wide range of styles and colours. African Mahogany, Brazilian Cherry, Jatoba, Lapacho, Tiger Wood and Cabreuva are some of the exotic wooden flooring available.

Exotic hardwood floors are the ones that are made up of solid exotic wood. These pieces of wood are imported from places like Brazil, Africa, Far East and Australia, but are not grown in North America. Everyone just like you wants their house to be beautiful so that it catches the attention of everyone stepping their feet on the floor. Know that not all hardwood floors are exotic. You can find a lot of wood flooring styles that lack the required quality. Though they can be bought at a cheaper price, but when they will not be able to give your house the required style and elegance, what is the use of spending money in buying them?

Now, let’s discuss some of the great benefits provided by Exotic Hardwood Floors London, shall we?

While there are many benefits provided by getting your floor covered with exotic hardwood, one of the main benefits it provides is that it increases the value of your home to a great extent. There are several prospective buyers who give a huge importance to exotic wood flooring in one’s house. This flooring requires less maintenance as compared to other flooring options.

Other benefits of exotic wood flooring are mentioned below:

1.Durable - A lot of exotic floors made of wood can last for a period of 100 years.
2.Less Maintenance – This flooring requires a very little maintenance in comparison with others. You can go for a little vacuuming and rub the floor using a reliable cleaning solution.
3.Great Variety – You can find exotic wood floors in a wide range of spots, colours and styles.
4.Easy to Clean – Exotic hardwood floors London are easy to clean from dirt, dust and debris.

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Walnut Wood Flooring – Let Your Home Become an Appealing One

There are many people who have a great fondness for decorating their home after they buy a new one. They show a keen interest for flooring, because it is considered one of the prime attractions in one's house. However, there are some individuals that don't seem to be much concerned about the flooring option and live with thinking that it may not be worked upon due to the fact that it is something which does not appeal the visitors. They need to change their way of thinking about the flooring option, because having an attractive floor is as important as other things in the house. You may have the finest and exquisite paintings on the walls. However, a poor looking floor can spoil the complete look of your house. Keeping this in mind, you should never take the flooring casually and think about various flooring options out there so that you can choose the one that can create soothing ambiance in your house.

Walnut engineered wood flooring in London - envy Hardwoods
Walnut Wood Flooring

Having a carpet floor has become a passé and people nowadays are becoming fashion concious and they look want the best in everything. They opt for a wood flooring so that it can add to the beauty and overall look of the house. So, have you given a thought about walnut engineered wood flooring in London?

If you're a homeowner expressing your desire to lead a stylish life filled with sophistication, opting for walnut hardwood flooring will definitely be a wise decision and not to mention, an option as well. Why this floor has been getting a tremendous popularity all across the globe? The deep chocolate colour of walnut wood makes this type of flooring a very popular choice among the homeowners. The wood derived from the walnut trees is used for the purpose of manufacturing furniture and flooring.

Walnut Wood Flooring - envy Hardwoods

If we talk about the wood colours, walnut happens to be one of the darkest woods, and speaking of a black walnut producing very dark shade is the one that people show their temptation for. This dark colour emits warmth which will make every house look great. There are plenty of benefits one can enjoy from getting walnut engineered wood flooring. The deep brown colour of this type of flooring would work for any type of home: whether a conventional or contemporary one. This flooring can match with any home décor and looks best in a huge room. This is because the dark shade of this walnut wood flooring can give the room a congested look.

Walnut wood is a hard one even though it is softer than oak when compared. This flooring is strong and lasts for a long time. Moreover, it can withstand the wear and tear of several things like water, furniture, shoes and insects.

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